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Adam J. Kasarda

Contact Information

Email    ajkasarda@g.ucla.edu
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I write this as a newly-independent and vastly underfunded private historical researcher, having already earned my merits with UCLA.  Ashamed I am of my institution’s incessant and comprehensive interpersonal strife, strife which came at a time that should have brought individuals closer together; this context instead drove a wedge through connections which were valued and sorely sought over.  IT is this context of strife, eris: political, social, cultural, economic, environmental, that has driven my current exegetical inquiries into the ancient Greek Mediterranean system.  I have a fondness for Greek history that predates my entrance into the realm of higher education, so too, does it outlast.

As an undergraduate, my interest was primarily in Greek history of the early Classical period, with the focus of much of my research being on the relationship between Athens and its Delian League allies in the period immediately following the Greco-Persian wars.  I have written on inscribed oaths from this period, specifically the oath between Athens and Khalkis on the island of Euboia, in an attempt to further understand the nature of Athenian hegemony in the Delian League.  This is something which remains a key interest of mine.

Other, broader areas of interest include the history of Greece outside of the Archaic and Classical periods (including Hellenistic, Imperial, and Byzantine Greece), archaeological insights into Greek history, and numismatics.  I have an increasing devotion to understanding the way in which societies and cultures have interacted with the natural world, not only in Greece, but in the ancient world more generally.

My current focus is on gaining, parlaying, and negotiating access to scholarly materials which are actively being threatened all over.  It is this broad methodological and intellectual foray that has conditioned my current inquiry into the Peace of Kallias and Plutarch’s Life of Perikles.  More on this, coming, very soon; by no means will these matters be addressed through this institution.


Fields of Study

Archaic & Classical Greek political history;  Greek intellectual history;  environmental history


PhD., University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), 2017-2018.  Doctorate earned.

B.A., Rutgers University, 2015: History & Classics, summa cum laude.