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NEH Grant to 3 PhD Alumni
August 12, 2016

Alumni Catherine Cymone Fourshey (PhD 2002), Rhonda M. Gonzales (PhD 2002), and Christine (Ahmed-Choi) Saidi (PhD 1996) were just awarded a 3-year, $200,000 National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Collaborative Award for their project relating to gender in regions of Africa where Bantu languages are spoken.  The project aims "to turn gender on its head" and provides support and recognition for their collective work in African and African Diaspora history. They are associate professors at three different universities: Bucknell University (Fourshey), University of Texas at San Antonio (Gonzales), and Kutztown University of Pennsylvania (Saidi)   All three collaborators also earned BA and MA degrees at UCLA.