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Atlantic History: This primary goal of this cluster is to generate innovative scholarship on the relations linking Africa, Europe and the Americas in the development of Western capitalism and modernity. Relevant themes include the expansion of markets during the slave trade; the production of literary texts and forms of historical memory; the politics of religious dissent and conversion; the growth of colonial science and cartography; Native American ethnogenesis; the rise of abolitionist and Pan-African ideologies; and the dynamics of race, gender and creolization throughout the Atlantic world.

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Associated History Faculty include: Andrew Apter, Robin Derby, Carla Pestana, Robin Kelley, Brenda Stevenson, Scot Brown, Debbie Silverman, Bill Summerhill, Kevin Terraciano, Mary Terrall, Craig Yirush, Robert Hill, Fernando Pérez Montesinos. 

Affiliated Faculty Outside History include: 
Aisha Finch, Department of Gender Studies
Jorge Marturano, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
Allen Roberts, Department of World Arts and Culture
Mary (Polly) Nooter Roberts, Department of World Arts and Culture
Patrick Polk, Fowler Museum
Dominic Thomas, Department of French and Francophone Studies
Elizabeth Deloughrey, Department of English
Judith Carney, Department of Geography
Peter James Hudson, Department of African American Studies
Stella Nair, Department of Art History
Jemima Pierre, Department of African American Studies

EVENTS FOR 2018-2019

All events will be held in Bunche 6275 on Thursdays from 12pm to 2pm unless otherwise noted.
*Outside Events


January 18 
Enrique Rivera, Ph.D. candidate, UCLA
"'Precious Objects' and the Manufacturing of Revolution in Coro, Venezuela, 1795"


February 8 
Kristen Block, Associate Professor of History, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
"Holistic Medicine, Spiritual Healing, and Dis-ease in the Early Caribbean"


March 1 
Danielle Terrazas Williams, Assistant Professor of History, Oberlin College
"Piracy, African-descended Women, and Crown Concerns in Colonial Mexico"



October 4 
Catherine Hall, Professor of History, University College London
"Common Practices: Edward Long and Race-Making Across the Black/White Atlantic"

October 18
Elyan Hill, Ph.D. candidate (UCLA World Arts and Culture/Dance)
"Points of Encounter:  Embodied Mappings of Domestic Enslavement in Ewe Mama Tchamba Performances"

October 27, Saturday
Conference, "New Directions in the Study of Black Atlantic Religions"
9am - 5pm

10383 Bunche Hall, UCLA

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This multidisciplinary group composed of faculty from multiple UC campuses will critically assess the current state of scholarship on Black Atlantic belief systems and theorize new methodologies and analytic orientations for comparative and regional studies. Our objective is to expand UC’s historical role as a hub for the study of Black Atlantic religions by fostering dialogue and collaboration amongst a new generation of
scholars. We will explore where new research is needed, ways to develop new methods, what new theoretical paradigms are available, and carefully consider how we as scholars can contribute to the anti-racist struggles of the peoples of the Black Atlantic world. Participants include Jeffrey Kahn, UCSB, Rachel O’Toole, UCI, Roberto Strongman, Elizabeth Pérez and Claudine Michel from UCSB, Jeroen Dewulf, UCB and Patrick Polk, Lauren Derby, Katherine Smith and Andrew Apter, UCLA.

Outside speakers including Brendan Jamal Thornton from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill whose book on Pentecostalism and masculinity in the Dominican Republic won the Caribbean Studies award for best book in the humanities. Yanique Hume from the University of the West Indies, Barbados, who writes about Haitians in eastern Cuba and African diaspora mortuary rites will provide a keynote. Hume is also a professional dancer and choreographer and will also hold a dance workshop during her stay on campus. 

The conference is free and open to the public but RSVP requested by emailing Sheila Breeding, African Studies Center, at sbreeding@international.ucla.edu. Co-sponsors include the African Studies Center, Division of Undergraduate Education, the Bunche Center for African and African American Studies, the Center for the Study of Religion, Atlantic Studies, Dept. of History and the Robin Kelley Chair, UCLA

----- This conference is co-sponsored by the African Studies Center.  -----

November 15 
Marjoleine Kars, Associate Professor of History, University of Maryland, Baltimore
"Slaves Remastered:  An Untold Story of Rebellion, Revolution, and Restoration in the Atlantic World"


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For further information about the Atlantic History Emphasis, please send an email to Andrew Apter (aapter@history.ucla.edu).