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South and Southeast Asia


  • Vinay Lal: Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1992
    Modern India; Comparative Colonial Histories; Subaltern History; Popular and Public Culture in South Asia
    310-825-8276; vlal@history.ucla.edu
  • Sanjay Subrahmanyam: Ph.D, Delhi School of Economics, 1987
    Medieval and Early Modern South Asian and Indian Ocean History; History of European Expansion; Comparative History of Early Modern Empires; World History
    310-825-3376; subrahma@history.ucla.edu

Emeritus Faculty

Affiliated Faculty

  • Nile Green: Ph.D., London University, 2002
    World History; Muslims in Global History; Early Modern and Modern History of India/Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Central Asia
    310-825-9498; green@history.ucla.edu



The Department of History at UCLA offers advanced graduate studies leading to the Ph.D. in both Southeast Asian History and South Asian History. Both these fields interact with other fields of history, including strengths in East Asia and the Near East (West Asia), and with regional strengths in other disciplines.

In Southeast Asian History, students may choose to work with Geoffrey Robinson (modern Indonesia and East Timor; human rights; political violence; and U.S. policy in Southeast Asia) or Michael Salman (Philippines; U.S. involvement; colonialism and post-colonialism). The Department’s strength in this field is augmented by a university-wide program in Southeast Asian Studies that has Title VI status and FLAS funds. Students are also encouraged to draw on Southeast Asian strengths in Art History, Anthropology, Asian Languages and Cultures, Political Science, Asian-American Studies and other disciplines. Consult the faculty list for details of faculty specialization.

Vinay Lal's teaching and research focuses on modern India, post-colonialism, historiography, popular and public culture in South Asia, and the politics of knowledge systems. Sanjay Subrahmanyam holds the Stone Chair in Social Sciences. His research interests range between the fifteenth and early nineteenth centuries. His work encompasses the following fields: South Asian economic history; Indian Ocean trade in the medieval and early modern periods; comparative history of empires; Mughal history; and South Indian cultural and social history. Students will also be able to interact with faculty specializing in South Asia in disciplines such as Comparative Literature and Art History. Consult the faculty list for details of faculty specialization.


Students interested in applying for admission to our program should write directly to the Graduate Office at gradoffice@history.ucla.edu or to any of the faculty whose interests they share.

Financial support for outstanding candidates is available, up to four years, including two years of Departmental Teaching Assistantships in our introductory undergraduate survey courses in South and Southeast Asian History. Incoming and continuing students in Southeast Asian History may apply for FLAS scholarships administered by the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (see www.international.ucla.edu/cseas).

Program Requirements

For information regarding the degree requirements for the History Department, please click here.

For more information regarding the program requirements, please visit: https://grad.ucla.edu/programs/social-sciences/history/