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Additonal Tributes to Bariša Krekić

A remembrance by John Langdon, Senior Continuing Lecturer:

"Bariša Krekić lectured in the Medieval Balkans at UCLA for several decades beginning in the 70s;  he continued lecturing in Byzantine History after he became emeritus.  Speros Vryonis headed the selection committee that originally recruited him at UCLA and recognized Bariša as a superb Medieval scholar.  Before matriculating in UCLA, Bariša distinguished himself as a student of two renowned Byzantinists:  Georg Ostrogorsky at the Byzantine Institute in Belgrade and Paul Lemerle at the College de France in Paris.  His publications on Medieval Dubrovnik and kindred subjects exhibit meticulous scholarship;  he was the world's expert on the rich archival materials housed in Dubrovnik.  For me, personally, both he and his wonderful, lively wife Ruzhitsa were hospitable and warmly supportive, both as a graduate student and subsequently as a lecturer/adjunct associate professor in the history department.  Although Bariša didn't sit on my doctoral committee, I consulted him often as I was authoring my own dissertation under Professors Anastos, Vryonis, and Chambers;  Bariša provided much critical guidance to me on developments in the 13th-century Balkans, particularly on Byzantino-Serbian relations after the Halosis of 1204."