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Fall 2018 Graduate Courses

Course No. & Name Professor/Lecturer Day/Time Course Description
201I - Topics in History: Latin America: Research in Latin American History William Summerhill M 2-4:50 Study emphasizes weekly readings and presentations of research in progress. Designed for doctoral students, in history and related disciplines, who are conducting research in Latin American history.
201I - Topics in History: Latin America: Cuba: from Colony to Revolution Robin L. H. Derby W 3-5:50 Survey of recent work in Cuban social and cultural history from colonial period to present, with particular attention to revolution and how it has reshaped Cuban society and culture. Topics include slavery and resistance; slave novel; role of Cuban revolution in making of U.S. left; and impact of 1959 revolution on gender, sexuality, and race. Consideration of themes in popular culture including regionalism and music, history of childhood, and new approaches to social history of Santería. Requirements include critical book review and essay on primary source.
HIST 201O - Topics in History: Science/Technology Margaret Jacob M 1-3:50 Graduate course involving reading, lecturing, and discussion of selected topics.
HIST 201R - Topics in History: Jewish History Sarah Stein R 9-11:50 Graduate course involving reading, lecturing, and discussion of selected topics.
HIST 204A - Departmental Seminar: Approaches, Methods, Debates, Practices Caroline C. Ford / Sanjay Subrahmanyam F 2-4:50 Introduction to range of important methodological approaches and theoretical debates about writing of history that are influential across fields, geographical contexts, and temporal periods to stimulate conversation and connection across fields, inviting students to think collectively and expansively about study and praxis of history.
HIST 213C - History of Women, Men, and Sexuality Historiography Katherine Marino M 12-2:50 Exposure to newest branch of gender history: study of masculinity. Focus not on men per se, but on values, practices, and texts that constitute masculinity as one gender. Readings focus on broad range of chronological periods from antiquity to 20th century and geographical areas including Americas, Asia, Europe, and Middle East.
HIST 246A - Introduction to U.S. History: Colonial Period Craig B. Yirush W 3-5:50 Graduate survey of significant literature dealing with U.S. history from the Colonial period to the present.
HIST M256C - Political Economy of Race Peter Hudson T 11-1:50 Examination of historiography of history of capitalism and history of African diaspora, especially in their overlapping concerns with organization of race and racial states in contemporary world, development of modern imperialism--and emergence of global black resistance to both. Themes and topics considered may include capitalism and question of slavery; law, regulations, and legal pluralism in organization of markets and nations; uneven development and nature of black sovereignty; history of regimes of gender and sexuality in social and capital reproduction; modalities of capital accumulation and production of space; racial violence and territorial expansion; emancipation and growth of empire; history of finance capital and its discourses of debt; capitalism and history of anti-blackness; racism, neoliberalism, and governmentality; and emergence and content of black radical tradition and its critiques of racial capitalism.
HIST 282A - Seminar: Chinese History Richard von Glahn W 2-4:50 None
HIST 285A - Seminar: Japanese History William Marotti T 4-6:50 None