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Chris Bingley

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Chris Bingley is a PhD Candidate in the UCLA History Department. His research concerns the cultural history of the Roman Empire in the 2nd through 4th centuries C.E. and issues of empire and ethnicity. His dissertation is entitled, "Philostratus, Perceptions of Foreign Ethnicity, and Severan Cultural Geography," which investigates the perceptions of foreign ethnicity in the works of the 3rd-century sophist.

Fields of Study

Late Antiquity, Roman History, Greek History


My primary research interests concern ethnicity, gender, and notions of empire during the High Roman Empire through the early period of Late Antiquity. My dissertation investigates the works of the third-century sophist Philostratus and the how they react to contemporary cultural change by especially focusing on the nature of foreign ethnicity in an imperial context. Philostratus overall portrays foreign identity as disruptively ambiguous and often localized in the Near East, sentiments directly and indirectly tied to the Severan regime.


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C.Phil. History, UCLA (2016)
M.A. History, UCLA (2014)
Post-Baccalaureate in Classical Studies, University of Pennsylvania (2011)
B.A. Anthropology & Classical Civilizations, UC Berkeley (2010)