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Fredrick Walter Lorenz

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Fredrick Walter Lorenz is a PhD candidate in the History Department at the University of California, Los Angeles. He specializes in Late Ottoman, Modern Middle Eastern, Ottoman Balkan, and Ottoman Libyan History. His dissertation focuses on the interplay among the Ottoman state, migrants, and locals within the Balkans, Anatolia, and North Africa from 1856-1914. Drawing on Ottoman, Arabic, Balkan, and other European archival sources, his dissertation analyzes how the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century migration and settlement in the Ottoman Empire collectively contributed to the transformations of the Ottoman authority, identity, and centralization.

Subfield: Modern Middle East,  Ottoman Empire, Migration, Borderlands



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Fields of Study

Modern Middle East, Ottoman Empire, Migration, Borderlands


Fredrick Walter Lorenz's research focuses on migrations and empire shaping in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth-century Ottoman Empire. He studies the impact of large-scale migrations to and resettlements in the Balkans, Anatolia, and Syria on the political, social, and cultural foundations of the late Ottoman Empire.


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C. Phil., History, UCLA

M.A., History, Indiana University

M.A., Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Indiana University

B.A., Middle Eastern Studies, Georgia State University

B.S., Biochemistry, State University of New York at Geneseo