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Michael R. Matthews

Contact Information

Email    mmatth62@g.ucla.edu
Office  Bunche Hall

Mike Matthews graduated from Augustana College in 2013 with a BA in Honors History & Classics; a year later he graduated from the University of Chicago with a MA in Humanities. His research interests include diffusion of thought, identity formation and preservation, and generally what effects difference between ethnoi. He has written on the diffusion of panhellenic thought during the fifth and fourth centuries BCE and the retention of Messenian helot identity during Spartan enslavement. He also has a rising interest in the study of space and distance's formative effects on perception. He sincerely hopes that the study of what has separated people may one day reveal better ways to bring them together in our present. 

Field of Study



Ancient Greece & Rome


Greek History; Ethnogenesis; Transmission of Thought; Difference


Dr. David Phillips (History, UCLA)


M.A. 2014, Humanities, University of Chicago

B.A. 2013, Honors History & Classics, Augustana College