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Mary Momdjian Included in "Aleppo and its Hinterland in the Ottoman Period"
April 26, 2021

Mary Momdjian wrote an article included in a book titled Aleppo and its Hinterland in the Ottoman Period, edited by Stefan Winter and Mafalda Ade.  The volume was part of a series Social, Economic and Political Studies of the Middle East and Asia, Volume: 124 published by Brill.

Dr. Momdjian’s article is one of eleven essays in English and French by leading scholars of Ottoman Syria which draw on new research in Turkish, Levantine and other archival sources. Focusing on both the city and its place in the wider region, the collection examines trade guilds and Christian settlement in Aleppo, Turkmen and Bedouin tribes in Aleppo’s interior, international trade and the establishment of an Ottoman commercial tribunal in the Tanzimat period, Aleppo and the rise of the millet system, the Belgian consular presence, Sufi networks in the province of Aleppo, the countryside of Antioch under the Egyptian occupation, and the urban revolt of 1850.