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Stella Ghervas Publishes New Essay 'Pax in Bello'
September 7, 2023

In her thought-provoking essay, Stella Ghervas, Professor of History and the Eugen Weber Chair in Modern European History at the University of California, Los Angeles, emphasizes the importance of meticulously planning for peace immediately after the cessation of hostilities. Drawing on historical examples, she argues that victory in war is not the end of history; rather, it opens a crucial window of opportunity to establish a favorable international order. She examines the historical pattern of post-war peace, including reconciliation among former foes, and highlights its significance. In the context of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Ghervas asserts that lasting peace requires more than military victory; it demands a commitment to international law and diplomacy.

You can read the full essay here: https://koerber-stiftung.de/en/projects/koerber-history-forum/e-paper-shifting-international-order-historical-sensibility-for-uncertain-times-stella-ghervas/