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Undergraduate Emily Luong to Present in Texas A&M’s History Conference "Resistance in Retrospect”
March 8, 2019

Bio: Emily Luong is a second-year undergraduate student at UCLA from San Jose, California, studying Communication, History, and Labor & Workplace Studies. She is particularly interested in the intersection of communication strategy and social equity. On campus, she is involved in the Undergraduate Communication Association, the Undergraduate History Advisory Board, and the Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education and Retention project. 

Presentation Title: Mural de la Raza: Marginalized Communities’ Struggle for Power and the Destruction of Murals in 21st Century Barrios

Description: In this paper, Emily explores the significance of public art, the historical and contemporary motivations behind its destruction, and the effects of this destruction on the communities for and by which the murals had been made. She examines larger power structures at play concerning mural destruction throughout history and how they translate to the present day, specifically regarding the gentrification of historically low-income communities of color.