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Atlantic History Course Offering



History 138A:  Colonial America (Yirush)

History M150A:  Comparative Slavery Systems (Roth)

History 201I:  Brazil research seminar (Summerhill)



History 97C:  Citizenship and Human Rights (Nasiali)

History 101-4:  Slave Ships in the Atlantic World (Taylor)

History M142C:  U.S. Religious History [1585-1830] (Pestana)

History 161-2:  Economic History of Latin America (Summerhill)

History 162A:  Modern Brazil (Summerhill)

History 187E:  Indigenous People in the Making of Modern Latin America (Perez-Montesinos)

History 275B:  Theory and Method in African History



History 187:  The Caribbean: History and Culture (Derby)

History 191:  Slavery and Abolition in Latin America and the Caribbean (Summerhill)

History 191C:  Imperial Cities (Nasiali)

History 201:  Latin America: History, Memory, Identity (Derby)




General Education Clusters (GE CLST) 20A:  Interracial Dynamics in American Culture and Society (Scot Brown)



General Education Clusters (GE CLST) 20B:  Interracial Dynamics in American Culture and Society (Scot Brown)

History 101:  The Cultural History of Food (Robin Derby)

History M158B:  African American Studies and History: Intro to Afro-American History (Robin G. D. Kelley)

African American Studies (AF AMER) M200A:  Advanced Historiography: African American (Scot Brown)

History M200V:  Advanced Historiography: African American (Scot Brown)



History 201:  Animals in the Atlantic World (Robin Derby)

History M158A:  Comparative Slavery (Henry Lovejoy)


Winter or Spring

History 164E/ History 161-1:  Race, Class and Nationalism in the Caribbean (Henry Lovejoy)

History 161-2:  Cuba and West Africa in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (Henry Lovejoy)


Robert Hill and Aisha Finche will also be teaching Atlantic-themed courses this year and we will list them as they become available.