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Digital Projects

Under the guidance of History Department Faculty, students in History undergraduate classes have produced various digital projects.  Below is a comprehensive list of these projects.

Prof. Muriel McClendon - History 97C (Spring 2021) - Ex Libris: Annotating Books from the William A. Clark Memorial Library

  • Student projects that explore an aspect of the changing world of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries by examining books published in the period and the annotations made by their various owners.

Prof. Tawny Paul - History 191C (Fall 2020) - Living through the Great Plague of London

  • Experience an 8 month timeline of Samuel Pepys's daily eyewitness account of how the plague unfolded

Prof. Minayo Nasiali - History 1C (Spring 2020) - Covid 19: Making History

  • A student-led exhibition that partipates in the history-making process for COVID-19

Prof. Tawny Paul - History 148 (Winter 2020) - LA Neighborhood Project

  • A story map portraying the history of LA neighborhoods

Prof. David Myers - History 191L (Winter 2020) - Online Viewer's Guide to "Our Boys"

  • As a final project, the students produced an online Viewer's Guide for the HBO series "Our Boys."  It reflects their hard work, keen insights, and historical grounding. 

Prof. Michael Meranze - History 97D (Spring 2019) - “Campus in Crisis: The Cold War Conflict Over Academic Freedom at UCLA"

  • This exhibit reflects the collective efforts of students enrolled in History 97D Free Speech on Campus: Academic Freedom in Cold War America during the 2019 Spring term.

Prof. Muriel McClendon - History 191C (Fall 2018) - “Bringing Early Modern England to Life.”

  • Students in this course received The 2019 Library Prize for Undergraduate Research, Library Special Collections Prize and the Clark Library Prize.  Read more about this award.