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Undergraduate Advisory Board

Welcome to the History Department’s Undergraduate Advisory Board (HUAB) webpage page. As part of our commitment to the intellectual, cross-cultural, and academic growth of our undergraduate students, our goal is to enhance the undergraduate experience through collaboration with administration, faculty, and staff to engender and implement activities and initiatives that have a positive impact on the learning environment, while also increasing the visibility, participation and, inclusion of the undergraduate student body in History.

The Board will strive to bring about diversity in interest, experience and skills of students, and enhance the academic undergraduate experience as a whole by incorporating feedback from current undergraduate students and alumni, while fostering a sense of community within the History Department; through: mentorship, advocacy, events, and initiatives.

Membership and Selection Criteria

Members must:

  • Have at least three quarters left at UCLA.
    • Be a current History Major/Minor
    • Be service driven and;
    • Have passion for History as a discipline and see its inter-connectedness within academia and beyond.


The application cycle for Fall 2020-Spring 2021 is now closed. Applications for Fall 2021-Spring 2022 will be available in Summer 2021.


Current Board Members:

1) Matthew Bui

Greetings! My name is Matthew Bui and I am a transfer student from El Camino College in Torrance, California, entering my final year at UCLA. Majoring in History and minoring in Entrepreneurship, I plan on pursuing opportunities in marketing, specifically within the entertainment/media and tech industries, while also exploring the prospect of business school. I am interested in world history, international relations, geopolitics, and business and I believe that history gives me a well-rounded understanding of the world's different cultures and social structures, as well as how they interact with one another through time. I love to try new things and I consider myself a floater, so besides HUAB I have been involved with various student organizations on campus such as the Daily Bruin, Startup UCLA, the Association of Chinese Americans, Chinese American Culture Night, Vietnamese Culture Night, and Southeast Asian Admit Weekend. This year on HUAB, I hope to help fellow History majors gain awareness of the many resources that the History Department offers, partner with other departments and student organizations to share opportunities, and ultimately create a community during a time when remote learning is increasingly becoming a norm.


2) Lauren Campbell

Hello! My name is Lauren Campbell and I am a third-year double majoring in history and psychology. As a member of HUAB, I hope to help create a collaborative and comfortable undergraduate history community. Currently,  I spend a lot of my time interning for the Flip the West organization dedicated to flipping U.S Senate seats, and from this have gained skills in political organizing and project management that I am sure will serve me well in HUAB in my efforts to organize and manage interactive events between history faculty and students. In my free time, I will either be with friends and family, or writing. I am a writer for the Daily Bruin, but I mostly enjoy writing fiction!  I recently published my first book! Once I graduate, if my plans to become the next J. K. Rowling fall through, I plan to pursue a career in law or politics.   


3) Emily Emard

My name is Emily Emard, and I am a third-year double majoring in History and Gender Studies! I am currently involved all over campus as a New Student Advisor (NSA), Resident Assistant (RA), and serving as an Undergraduate Council Senator on UCLA’s Academic Senate. I love UCLA almost as much as I love history, which is why I am thrilled to be on the HUAB this year! I plan on pursuing a PhD in History, and eventually becoming a high school history teacher. I am extremely passionate about history because to me, it centers people and their stories. History challenges individuals and our society to do better, while reminding us of the possibility of change and the endless compassion that people are capable of. I hope to be a part of history and making change on UCLA’s campus through the HUAB this year! 


4) Taylor Fairless

My name is Taylor Fairless and I’m a History and Global Studies student with an emphasis on Cold War ideologies and regional focuses on Asia and the Middle East. I previously attended an art university for a year but realized I’m my most creative when I’m immersed in academics. I’ve worked with UN organizations focusing on weapons of mass destruction disarmament (specifically, nuclear and chemical weapons). Learning about the apertures present in international security affairs and its cost to human prosperity has propelled me to pursue a J.D. in order to achieve a career in international security and arms control. Beyond that, I run Lawyers Without Borders and the Journal on World Affairs at UCLA. I love engaging with people's stories and learning about their interests in various careers or academic pursuits, so I am always up for grabbing coffee (once things reopen!) or to chat over Zoom. I am excited to meet you all soon!


5) Alina Leholm

Alina Leholm is a third year History major with a minor in Film, Television, and Digital Media. She is originally from San Diego and is excited to be a part of the History Undergraduate Advisory Board this year. In addition to be a part of the board, Alina is currently a part of the Community Medicine in Los Angeles organization on campus and is a TOP questioner for the UCLA Center of Advancement of Teaching. Originally starting as a Chemistry major, Alina later switched to History and loved the warm and welcoming environment within the department. She hopes to extend this same kindness to all students who are in the History department. When not studying, Alina spends her free time being with family and friends, reading books, dancing ballet, and watching films (her favorite is Back to the Future). After graduating, Alina looks forward to continuing her passion for history with graduate studies. 


6) Aylin Ramirez

My name is Aylin Ramirez and I am a second-year majoring in history and minoring in Spanish. As part of HUAB, I hope to accomplish an increased awareness for the History Department and help the needs of undergraduate students of color be heard. I am currently a member of the UCLA Latinx Pre-Law Association and Lawyers Without Borders at UCLA. In my spare time, I am usually practicing with Grupo Folklorico de UCLA, a student-run dance group that seeks to celebrate Latinx heritage while providing a safe space for students to be seen and grow. After graduating from UCLA, I plan on pursuing a career in immigration law. I am passionate about history and am extremely excited to be a part of the Undergraduate Advisory Board this year!


7) Athziri Zaragoza

My name is Athziri Zaragoza and I am a first-generation transfer student entering my senior year. During my time at community college I pursued my interest in law and social justice through programs and, as a DREAMer, helped found the first campus club for undocumented students. I also began tutoring, which I loved especially because it was an efficient way of sharing resources and outreaching for clubs and learned how to work my way around scholarships. I plan to go to law school to become a more useful asset to my community in East L.A. As a History major, and lover, I am excited to be a part of and contribute to the History Undergraduate Advisory Board.