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2004-2005 PhD Awardees and Dissertation Titles

Name Field Dissertation Title Chair/Co-Chairs
Goldfarb, Elizabeth Bisbee Ancient Transformation Through Imitation: Biblical Figures as Moral Exempla in the Post-Classical World Claudia Rapp
Graham, Stacey Medieval The Dissemination of North African Christian and Intellectual Culture in Late Antiquity Claudia Rapp & Richard Rouse
Guzman, Kristen United States Art in the Heart of East L.A.: A History of Self Help Graphics and Art, Inc., 1972-2002 Juan Gomez-Quinones
Halloran, Fiona United States The Power of the Pencil: Thomas Nast and American Political Art Joan Waugh
Hu, Minghui Science Cosmopolitan Confucianism and the Mathematical Way, 1720-1840 Ben Elman & Theodore Porter
Jaaska, Arne Medieval Raetia and Alamania: The Mixed Cultural World of a Former Roman Province in the Early Middle Ages Patrick Geary
Milton, Gregory Medieval Commerce, Crisis and Society in a Medieval Village: Santa Coloma de Queralt, 1294-1313 Teofilo Ruiz
Monty, Christopher Russia Moscow is Far Away: Stalin’s Party Inspectors and the Politics of Personnel During the New Economic Policy, 1921-1928 Arch Getty
Ostergren, Gail United States Angels and Saints: Making and Promoting Place in Los Angeles and Southern California, 1890-1932 Janice Reiff
Rosenthal, Nicholas United States Re-Imagining “Indian Country”: American Indians and the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area Melissa Meyer
Rusk, Bruce China The Rogue Classicist: Feng Fang (1493-1566) and His Forgeries Ben Elman
Scourtis, Constantina Byzantine Failure of Reconciliation: The Byzantine Experience at the Council of Ferrara-1438-39 Barisa Krekic
Shulman, Elena Russia Pacifying a Marvelous Land: Gender and Settlement in the Soviet Far East, 1937-1940 Arch Getty
Vanderbilt, Gregory United States “The Kingdom of God is Like a Mustard Seed”: Evangelizing Modernity Between the U.S. and Japan, 1905-1948 Joyce Appleby & Fred Notehelfer
Zhang, Jiayan China Environmental Change, Economic Growth, and Peasant Behavior: Agrarian History of the Jiaghan Plain, 1644-1949 Philip Huang & Kathryn Bernhardt
Zwick, Tamara Europe Correspondence Between Public and Private: German Women, Kinship and Class in 19th-Century Hamburg David Sabean