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2005-2006 PhD Awardees and Dissertation Titles
Name Field Dissertation Title Chair/Co-Chairs
Alagona, Peter Science Endangered Species, Politics and the History of Conservation Biology Jessica Wang
Anooshahr, Ali Near East The Ghazi Sultans and the Frontiers of Islam Michael Morony
Benitez, Juan United States A Social History of the Mexico-United States Border: How Tourism, Demographic Shifts and Economic Integration Shaped the Image and Identity of Tijuana Baja, California, Since World War II Jose Moya & James Wilkie
Bond, Robert Near East Office of the Ottoman Court Historian of Vak’aniivij, 1714-1922: An Institutional and Prosoprographic Study Stanford Shaw
Bottoms, Donald United States An Aristocracy of Color: Race and Reconstruction in Post-Gold Rush California Stephen Aron
Breiteneicher, Jessica United States The First Casualties: American Nation-Building in South Vietnam, 1955-1965 Jessica Wang & Geoffrey Robinson
Britton, Glenn United States “Improving” the Middle Landscape: Conservation and Social Change in Rural Southern Michigan, 1890-1940 Stephen Aron
Campbell, Marne United States Race and Revival: A Social History of African-American Migration to Los Angeles, 1870-1920 Brenda Stevenson
Chappell, L. Stephen Ancient Romanization in Dacia Ronald Mellor
Elkind, Jessica United States The First Casualties: American Nation-Building in South Vietnam, 1955-1965 Jessica Wang & Geoffrey Robinson
Emon, Anver Near East The Natural Law Tradition in Islam Robert I. Burns
Garcia, David G. United States The Evolution of a Critical Race Theater: Culture Clash and Chicana/o Performance Art 1965-2004 Juan Gomez-Quinones
Gifford, Laura United States The Center Cannot Hold: The 1960 Election and the Rise of Modern Conservatism Jessica Wang
Graham, Wade United States Braided Waters: Environment, Economy and Community in Molokai, Hawaii Steve Aron
Kim, Susan Chongmi United States The Life of John Rogers: Sectarian Leadership in New London, 1674-1721 Joyce Appleby
Lambert, Kevin Science Mind Over Matter: Language, Mathematics, and Electromagnetism in Nineteenth Century Britain Norton Wise
Lebovic, Nitzan Europe The Politicalization of ‘Lebensphilosophie’ From Ludwig Klages to National Socialism, 1870-1933 Saul Friedlander & David Myers
McDonough, Scott Near East Power by Negotiation: Institutional Reform in the Fifth Century Sasanian Empire Claudia Rapp & Michael Morony
Mcvety, Amanda United States U.S. Development Policy and the Point Four Program Jessica Wang
Memarzadeh, Maher Latin America Medical Practitioners in Early Colonial Mexico Kevin Terraciano & Michael Morony
Mineo, Claudia Europe Power, Law and Memory: The Struggle Over Municipal Privileges in Sixteenth-Century Castile Teo Ruiz
Nelson, William Europe The Weapon of Time: Constructing the Future in France, 1750 to Year I. Lynn Hunt
Numark, Mitch South Asia Translating Religion in British India: Missionaries and the Politics of Religious Knowledge in Colonial Bombay and British India Vinay Lal
Park, Peter Europe The Exclusion of Asia from the Formation of a Modern Canon of Philosophy: Debates in German Philosophy, 1790-1830 Peter Reill
Raia, Courtenay Europe Intersecting Science, Empire and the Super Natural in the Victorian Fin de Siecle Theodore Porter
Strub, Whitney United States Perversion for Profit: The Politics of Obscenity and Pornography in the Postwar United States Ruth Bloch
Suh, So Science From Tngui to Hanui: Inventing the Tradition of Korean Medicine in Nineteenth-Century Korea M. Norton Wise
Theisen, Joseph Latin America Strategic Struggle for World Oil: Standard Oil of New Jersey and Hidden Elitelore in Mexico's Expropration James Wilkie
Tran, Lisa China Concubines Under Modern Chinese Law, 1912-1953 Philip Huang & Kathryn Bernhardt
Trenchard-Smith, Margaret Ancient Byzantine Categories and Modes of Unreason in Early Medieval Byzantium Claudia Rapp