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2006-2007 PhD Awardees and Dissertation Titles

Name Field Dissertation Title Chair/Co-Chairs
Brimmer, Brandi United States All Her Rights and Privileges: African American Civil War Widows and the Politics of Widows' Pensions Naomi Lamoreaux and Laura Edwards (Duke)
Dauverd, Celine Europe Symbiotic Mediterranean Empire: The Genoese Trade Diaspora in Spanish Naples, 1460-1640 Geoffrey Symcox
Firpo, Christina Southeast Asia ’The Durability of the Empire:’ Race, Empire and ‘Abandoned’ Children in Colonial Vietnam 1870-1956 Geoffrey Robinson and Thu Huong Nguyen-Vo
Eyal, Hillel Latin America Colonizing the Colonizer: Spanish Immigrants and Creoles in Late Colonial Mexico City José Moya
Fagan, Patricia Medieval Pope Adrian IV, the Clear-Eyed Chief Executive, and His Papacy (1154-1159) Teo Ruiz
Galindo, Alfonso Jr. Latin America Why is Mexico Unstable? Corporativism and Rent-Seeking since 1929 James Wilkie
Gerardo, Mehera United States Competing Expressions of Manhood, the Zoot Suit Riots, and Young Mexican American Masculine Identity in WWII Los Angeles Ellen DuBois
Henry, Todd Japan Keijo: Japanese and Korean Constructions of Colonial Seoul and the History of its Lived Spaces, 1910-37 Miriam Silverberg
Hopper, Matthew Africa The African Presence in Arabia: Slavery, the World Economy, and the African Diaspora in Eastern Arabia, 1840-1940 Edward A. Alpers
Hsu, Danny China Impeachments and Administrative Litigation in Qing and Republican Law Kathryn Bernhardt and Philip Huang
Kafka, Linus United States Cosmopolitan Connections: Henry Adams, His Circle, and the Global Gilded Age Thomas Hines
Kent, Max Europe The British Enlightenment and the Sprit of the Industrial Revolution: The Society for Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce: 1754-1815 Ivan Berend
Lopez-Denis, Adrian Latin America Disease and Society in Colonial Cuba, 1790-1840 José Moya
Martos, Sofia Latin America The Balancing Act: Ethnicity, Commerce, and Politics Among Syrian and Lebanese Immigrants in Argentina, 1890-1955 José Moya
Pangburn, Kris Europe Personal Immortalities: German Perspectives on Life after Death, 1770-1820 Peter Reill
Poblete-Cross, JoAnna United States Intra-Colonial Lives: Puerto Rican and Filipino sugar plantation labor recruits to Hawai’i, 1900 to 1940 Henry Yu
RICE, Melinda EU A Fool and His Money: Culture and Financial Choice during the John Law Affair of 1720 Prof. Kate Norberg
ROLSTON, Arthur US Constituting Capitalism: Constitutional Revision in Kentucky and Ohio from the Jacksonian Age to the Progressive Era Prof. Naomi Lamoreaux and Prof. Stephen Aron
STERNFELD, Joshua EU Jazz Echoes: The Cultural and Sociopolitical Reception of Jazz in Weimar and Nazi Berlin, 1925-1945 Prof. Debora Silverman
SUH, So Young SC Korean Medicine between the Local and the Universal: 1600-1945 Prof. Norton Wise and Prof. Charlotte Furth (USC)
TODOROV, Boris ME The Bulgarians between the Two Romes: The Discourse of Power in Medieval Bulgaria Prof. Patrick Geary
UHLMANN, Jennifer US The Communist Civil Rights Movement: Legal Activism in the United States, 1919-1946 Prof. Ellen DuBois
VIEIRA-MARTINEZ, Carolyn AF Building Kimbundu: Historical Language Communities Reconsidered in Central Africa, c.1500-1750 Prof. Edward A. Alpers and Prof. Christopher Ehret