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2009-2010 PhD Awardees & Dissertation Titles

Name Field Dissertation Title Chair/Co-Chairs
Akavia, Naamah Science Subjectivity in Motion: Movement Between Psyche and Soma in the Work of Hermann Rorschach M. Norton Wise
Carter, Tracey Lynn Africa The Historical Role of Griots in Gambian Politics Edward Alpers & Andrew Apter
Conedera, Sam Zeno Medieval Ecclesiastical Chivalry: The Military-Religious Life in Leon-Castile, 1150-1330 Teofilo Ruiz
Cowan, Benjamin Latin America The Secret History of Subversion: Sex, Modernity, and the Brazilian National Security State L. Robin Derby
Davis, Ann Marie Lynn Japan 'The Prostitute' in Modern Japan (1850-1912) Sharon Traweek
Eason, David Anthony Japan The Culture of Disputes in Early Modern Japan, 1550-1700 Herman Ooms
Friedman, Toba Malka Europe 'At the Block All Hero He Appear'd:' Noble Execution and Redemption in Tudor England Muriel McClendon
Gonzalez, Joan Gabriela Europe Opera as Propaganda: The Trajan-Napoleon Parallel in Le Triomphe de Trajan Susan McClary & Kathryn Norberg
Guillory, Sean Christopher Europe We Shall Refashion Life on Earth! The Political Culture of the Young Communist League,1918-1928 J. Arch Getty
Mokhberi, Susan Marie Europe France and Persia in the Age of Absolutism Kathryn Norberg
Nichols-Geerdes, Sasha United States Ancient Systems of Trade: Organizing Commerce in the Colonial North Naomi Lamoreaux
Palinic, Bo Kristin Europe Otto Preminger's Laura, Where the Sidewalk Ends, and Angel Face: An Obsession with Freudian Psychology Peter Baldwin & Allyson Field
Perez, Erika United States Colonial Intimacies: Interethnic Kinship, Sexuality and Marriage in Southern California, 1769-1885. Stephen Aron
Prasad, Ritika South Asia Tracking Modernity: The Experience of Railways in Colonial India, 1853-1947 Vinay Lal
Rodriguez, Victor Jose United States The Practical Man: John Dewey, The Idea of America, and the Making of the Modern Mexican, 1898-1934 L. Robin Derby & Jessica Wang
Schoolman, Edward McCormick Ancient Civic Transformation of the Mediterranean City: Ravenna and Antioch, 300-800 CE Claudia Rapp
Sharma, Patrick Allan United States The Road to Structural Adjustment: Changing Norms of Development at Robert McNamara's World Bank, 1968-1981 Ellen Dubois
Silverman, Aaron United States A Dark Spectre: The Haitian Revolution and American Politics Brenda Stevenson
Takeuchi, Michiko Japan Pan-Pan Girls and GIs: The Japan-U.S. Military Prostitution System in Occupied Japan (1945-1952) Sharon Traweek
Tortorici, Zeb Joseph Latin America Contra Natura: Sin, Crime and Unnatural Sexuality in Colonial Mexico, 1600-1800 Kevin Terraciano
Turkyilmaz, Zeynep Near East Anxieties of Conversion: Missionaries, State and Heterodox Communities in the Late Ottoman Empire James Gelvin
Villella, Peter Buckingham Latin America The True Heirs to Anahuac: Native Nobles, Creole Patriots and the 'Natural Lords' of Colonial Mexico Kevin Terraciano