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Name Field Dissertation Title Chair/Co-Chairs
Abu-Rish, Ziad Munif Near East Conflict And Institution Building In Lebanon, 1946-1955 James Gelvin
Benanav, Aaron Seth Europe A Global History of Unemployment: Surplus Populations In The World Economy, 1949-2010 Robert Brenner
Craig, Kate Melissa Medieval Bringing Out The Saints: Journeys of Relics In Tenth To Twelfth Century Northern France And Flanders Patrick Geary
Dykstra, Maura Dominique China Complicated Matters: Commercial Dispute Resolution In Qing Chongqing From 1750 To 1911 R. Bin Wong
Farrell, John Gordon Latin America Southern Exposure: Latin Americans View The United States, 1783-1900 William Summerhill
Gomez, Andrew United States Cubans And The Caribbean South: Race, Labor, And Cuban Identity In Southern Florida, 1868-1928 F. Tobie Higbie
Heckman, Alma Rachel Europe (Jewish) Radical Nationalists: Moroccan Jewish Communists 1925-1975 Sarah Stein
Johnson, Selah Shalom United States "Free D.C.:" The Struggle For Civil, Political, And Human Rights In Washington, D.C., 1965-1979 Brenda Stevenson
Lakser, Moshe Nathaniel Japan Politics, Work, Identity: Educational Theories And Practices In Meiji Era Fukuoka, 1879-1918 Herman Ooms
Larsen, Mik R Ancient The Representation of Poverty In The Roman Empire Ronald Mellor
Lawrence, Adam Christopher Science A Member of The Food Chain?: Quantifying Primary Productivity From Nazi Germany To The International Biological Program, 1933-74 Soraya De Chadarevian
Maskarinec, Maya Medieval Building Rome Saint By Saint. Sanctity From Abroad At Home In The City (6th-9th Century) Patrick Geary
McBride, Jared Graham Europe "A Sea of Blood And Tears": Ethnic Diversity And Mass Violence In Nazi-Occupied Volhynia, Ukraine, 1941-1944 J. Arch Getty
Molchadsky, Nadav Gadi Europe (Jewish) History In The Public Courtroom: Commissions of Inquiry And Struggles Over The History And Memory of Israeli Traumas David Myers & Arieh Saposnik
Myers, Bob Eberly United States "Drapetomania": Rebellion, Defiance And Free Black Insanity In The Antebellum United States Robin D.G. Kelley & Theodore Porter
Oyugi, Willis Mathews Okech Africa Wildlife Conservation In Kenya's Maasailand, 1850S-2000: Contested Histories of An African People And Their Landscape Edward Alpers
Pripas-Kapit, Sarah Ross United States Educating Women Physicians of The World: International Students of The Woman'S Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1883-1911 Ellen Dubois
Sadler, James Robert Europe Family In Revolt: The Van Der Meulen And Della Faille Families In The Dutch Revolt Margaret Jacob
Schley, Rachel Eva Europe The Tyranny of Tolerance: France, Religion, And The Conquest of Algeria, 1830-1870 Caroline Ford & Sarah Stein
Stevens, Jeffrey Allen Ancient Staring Into The Face of Roman Power: Resistance And Assimilation From Behind The 'Mask of Infamia' Ronald Mellor
Van Dyne, Devon Elizabeth United States Celibacy In The British North American Colonies, C.1600-1750 Michael Meranze