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Name Field Dissertation Title Chair/Co-Chairs
Beaudoen, Lee Andre Near East Mirrors of The World: Alexander Romances And The Fifteenth Century Ottoman Sultanate Michael Morony
Brown, Erin Leith United States Urban Ambitions In An Agricultural Economy: Town-Building On The Great Plains, 1870-1929 Janice Reiff
Cheung, Roanna Yuk-Heng China Embodying Modernity: Humor, Gender Politics, And Popular Culture In Republican Guangzhou Andrea Goldman
Dayal, Subah South Asia Landscapes of Conquest: Patrons And Narratives In The Seventeenth-Century Deccan C. 1636 - 1687 Sanjay Subrahmanyam
Foulk, Emi Joanne Japan The Jeweled Broom And The Dust of The World: Keichu, Motoori Norinaga, And Kokugaku In Early Modern Japan Herman Ooms
Garcia, Ricardo Medina Latin America Nahuatl-Language Petitions And Letters From Northwestern New Spain, 1580-1694 Kevin Terraciano
Herr, Joshua C China Fraught Collaboration: Diplomacy, Intermediaries, And Governance At The China-Vietnam Border, Seventeenth And Eighteenth Centuries Richard Von Glahn
Holt, Randall Joseph Europe Reasoning With Savages: The Anthropological Imagination of The Scottish Enlightenment Peter Reill
Karaman, Emine Rezzan Near East Gendered Derivatives of Identity Formation In Ottoman Kurdistan In The Late Nineteenth And Early Twentieth Centuries James Gelvin
Lustig, Jason B Europe (Jewish) "A Time To Gather": A History of Jewish Archives In The Twentieth Century David Myers
Shafir, Nir Near East The Road From Damascus: Circulation And The Redefinition of Islam In The Ottoman Empire, 1620-1720 Nile Green & Sanjay Subrahmanyam
Takla, Nefertiti Mary Near East Murder In Alexandria: The Gender, Sexual And Class Politics of Criminality In Egypt, 1914 - 1921 Nancy Gallagher & Nile Green
Wicks, Nilce Parreira Latin America Pathways To Freedom; Slavery And Emancipation In Nineteenth-Century Ouro Preto, Brazil William Summerhill
Zhang, Meng China Timber Trade Along The Yangzi River: Market, Institutions, And Environment, 1750-1911 R. Bin Wong