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If you are interested in applying, the links to applications by field are below.

JPF07556 Lecturer, African History: https://recruit.apo.ucla.edu/JPF07556

JPF07557 Lecturer, Ancient History: https://recruit.apo.ucla.edu/JPF07557

JPF07558 Lecturer, Chinese History: https://recruit.apo.ucla.edu/JPF07558

JPF07559 Lecturer, European History: https://recruit.apo.ucla.edu/JPF07559

JPF07560 Lecturer, History of Gender: https://recruit.apo.ucla.edu/JPF07560

JPF07639 Lecturer, Latin American History: https://recruit.apo.ucla.edu/JPF07639

JPF07561 Lecturer, Medieval History: https://recruit.apo.ucla.edu/JPF07561

JPF07562 Lecturer, Middle Eastern History: https://recruit.apo.ucla.edu/JPF07562

JPF07785 Lecturer, History of Science, Medicine and Technology:  https://recruit.apo.ucla.edu/JPF07785

JPF07563 Lecturer, South/Southeastern Asian History: https://recruit.apo.ucla.edu/JPF07563

JPF07564 Lecturer, United States History: https://recruit.apo.ucla.edu/JPF07564

JPF07565 Visiting Professor, Chinese History: https://recruit.apo.ucla.edu/JPF07565

Please note that Ph.D. must be in hand as of August 15, 2022. Additional requirements are relevant research, scholarship, and teaching experience; a curriculum vitae, sample syllabus for the course or courses for which you are applying, and three references.