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Digital Projects

Under the guidance of History Department Faculty, students in History undergraduate classes have produced various digital projects.  Below is a comprehensive list of these projects.

Prof. David Myers - History 191L (Winter 2020) - Online Viewer's Guide to "Our Boys"

  • As a final project, the students produced an online Viewer's Guide for the HBO series "Our Boys."  It reflects their hard work, keen insights, and historical grounding. 

Prof. Michael Meranze - History 97D (Spring 2019) - “Campus in Crisis: The Cold War Conflict Over Academic Freedom at UCLA"

  • This exhibit reflects the collective efforts of students enrolled in History 97D Free Speech on Campus: Academic Freedom in Cold War America during the 2019 Spring term.

Prof. Muriel McClendon - History 191C (Fall 2018) - “Bringing Early Modern England to Life.”

  • Students in this course received The 2019 Library Prize for Undergraduate Research, Library Special Collections Prize and the Clark Library Prize.  Read more about this award.