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Note: This is an archive of HWMS events and courses from 2014-2015.



Colloquium: Historicizing Masculinities
Wednesdays 12-2, Bunche 6275

Historicizing Masculinities Colloquium

During spring quarter 2015, the History of Women, Men and Sexuality will offer a speakers’ series entitled “Historicizing Masculinities.” Our goal is to expose the UCLA community to the newest branch of gender history: the study of masculinity. The colloquium focuses not on men per se (though they are certainly discussed), but rather on the values, practices, and texts that constitute masculinity as a gender.  Topics addressed will include, masculinity under colonialism, the history of the duel, masculinity and pornography, African-American soldiers during the Civil War, the construction of masculinity by the social sciences in the1960s, and the masculinization of the computer industry between 1970 and the present.  A graduate course (History 213) will be offered simultaneously. Currently invited speakers include Nathan Ensmenger (University of Indiana), Wilson Chacko Jacob (Concordia University), Erika L. Milam (Princeton University), Robert Nye, (Oregon State University), Maurice Wallace (University of Virginia), and Y. Yvon Wang (University of Toronto).  A special mini-conference devoted to masculinity and science co-sponsored by the History of Science field and organized with Professor Mary Terrall will occur on May 20.

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Historicizing Masculinities History 213

The History of  Women, Men and Sexuality Emphasis offers courses for both undergraduate and graduates students interested in studying gender and sexuality in the past. For undergraduates, a two quarter upper-division sequence (History 187A & B) provides students with a basic knowledge of the history of gender and sexuality from prehistory to global feminisms in cultures around the world.  Upper-division seminars and lecture courses taught within the History department’s geographical fields allow students to pursue their interests in greater detail.

For graduate students, HWMS sponsors the HWMS Graduate Seminar (History 213 A-B) which is offered annually or semi-annually.

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