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Jared McBride

I received my doctorate from the history department at UCLA in 2014. My work specializes in the regions of Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe in the 20th century and my research interests include borderlands studies, nationalist movements, mass violence and genocide, the Holocaust, interethnic conflict, and war crimes prosecution.


I’m currently completing a book manuscript based on my dissertation entitled, Neighborly Violence and the Undoing of Multi-Ethnic Western Ukraine, 1941-1944. My research has been supported by Fulbright, SSRC, and Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, among others and my academic work has been published in Carl Beck Papers, Ab Imperio, Kritika, and Slavic Review. I have published online articles on historical matters with the Nation, Tablet, and openDemocracy, among others. I have a follow-up project that explores the hunt for Holocaust perpetrators in the United States during the Cold War and how Soviet Union influenced this project. Before returning to UCLA to work as an adjunct, I held a post-doc teaching position at Columbia University and the Harriman Institute where I taught two courses on Soviet and Eastern European history. Additionally, I was the first ever Margee and Douglas Greenberg Fellow at the USC Shoah Foundation in 2014, a Kennan Institute fellow in 2015, and the Ben and Zelda Cohen fellow at United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in 2015-16. I currently teach three courses in the History Department: a) The Soviet Union survey course (127C) b) A 20 th century history course on violence in Eastern Europe (120B) and c) A film course on Eastern Europe (120D). I’m also currently the coordinator of the Cluster course (48), Political Violence in the Modern World. Please contact me if you have any questions about my courses or anything else at: mcbridejg_at_ucla.edu.