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Spring 2019 Graduate Courses

(Tentative schedule; subject to change)

Course No. & Name Professor/Lecturer Day/Time Course Description
200C-Advanced Historiography: Medieval Jessica Goldberg F 2-4:50 TBD
C200K/C187N-India Vinay Lal R 2-4:50 History of Hindu-Muslim Relations in Colonial and Modern India
200M/187R-Japan Takashi Fujitani-Visiting Scholar F 10-12:50? Seminar on the history of the relationship between the US and Japanese empires and racism from the Asia-Pacific War to the postwar period
201E/191C-Europe Debora Silverman T 3-5:50 Readings in 19th Century Cultural and Intellectual History: topics include the emergence of mass politics; the challenges of “the irrational”; urbanism; imperialism; the development of the avant-garde and modernism; colonial collections, museums, and the history of violence. Varying methods of cultural analysis and interdisciplinary approaches will be explored; Open with instructor consent to students from any discipline.
C201H.1/C191D.1-U.S. Valerie Matsumoto R 2-4:50 Asian American Culture, Cuisine, and Economy, a joint graduate/senior seminar.
201L-China Andrea Goldman T 2-4:50 TBD
201M/191R-Japan Kats Hirano T 2-4:50 Writing Atrocity: History, Memory, and Limits of Representation in Nanking Massacre and Comfort Women Discourses
201O-Topics in Hist.: Science/Technology Ted Porter T 3-5:50 Topics in the history of data, statistics, calculation, and quantification, especially as they have been used in the human sciences and as forms of expert knowledge. Readings will be adapted in part to interests of students. Open with instructor consent to students from any discipline.
201W-Topics in History: World Carla Pestana R 3-5:50 Reading in the History of the Atlantic World, 1450-1850; option to take a research seminar subsequently to create a two-quarter research seminar.
214-Topics in World History Ghislaine Lydon T 3-5:50 The place of Africa in world history. We will explore approaches and perspectives through readings and other assignments, including the crafting of syllabi.
246C-Intro. to U.S. History: 20th Century Robin Kelley M 2-4:50 Readings in 20th and 21st century U.S. History; introduces key historiographical debates, prepares students for qualifying examinations.