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October 11, 2018 to October 13, 2018
3:00pm to 6:00pm
UCLA Royce Hall 314
UCLA Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies
UCLA Center for Medieval & Renaissance Studies


This conference centers on different historical themes (culture, religiosity, languages, politics, encounters) and addresses the “connectivity” between Iberia, North Africa and other Mediterranean lands and the nature of the global Mediterranean.

“Iberia, the Mediterranean, and the World in the Medieval and Early Modern Periods” is organized by Thomas Barton (USD), Marie Kelleher (CSULB), Antonio Zaldivar (CSUSM), and Zrinka Stahuljak (UCLA).

No fee. Limited seating. Advance registration requested – click here to complete the brief registration form.

Sponsored by the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Co-sponsored by the UCLA Department of History, the Robert and Dorothy Wellman Chair in Medieval History, the UCLA Dean of Humanities, the UCLA Dean of Social Sciences and the UCLA Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor.

3:00 PM     Welcoming Remarks

Scott L. Waugh, Executive Vice-Chancellor and Provost (UCLA)
Massimo Ciavolella, CMRS Director (UCLA)
Zrinka Stahuljak, Professor of Comparative Literature and French & Francophone Studies (UCLA)
Stephen Aron, Professor of History (UCLA)

3:30          Iberia, A Land of Three Religions, Part 1 | Chair: Marie Kelleher (CSULB)

“Moros y Cristianos: Rulers and Rituals in Medieval Iberia”
Hussein Fancy (University of Michigan)

“Sonic Dimensions of the Christian Entry into Granada, 1492”
Jarbel Rodriguez (San Francisco State University)

“Visualizing Muslims in Christian Europe, 16th-18th c.”
Lucette Valensi (Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales)

‘Tramet me tots los comptes que tens ordenadament’ Enslaved Women as Commercial Agents in the Late Medieval Mediterranean World
Debra Blumenthal (UC Santa Barbara)

5:00         Break

5:15          Plenary Lecture: “The Hybrid History of Conversion and Race in Christianity and Islam”
                 David Nirenberg (University of Chicago)

9:00 AM  Religion in Medieval and Early Modern Spain | Chair: Richard Ibarra (UCLA)

“Men of Trent: Early Jesuits on the Sacrifice of the Mass”
Sam Zeno Conedera, S.J. (Independent Scholar)

“Intertwining Granada and North Africa: Mobility and Family Ties in the Late Medieval Western Islamic Mediterranean”
Roser Salicrú i Lluch (Institució Milà i Fontanals – CSIC, Barcelona)

“Blood in the Streets: The Conflict Over Black Confraternities in Early Modern Andalucía”
Erin Rowe (Johns Hopkins University)

“El mundo en España. Peregrinos y Cruzados”
Adeline Rucquoi (French National Center for Scientific Research)

10:30       Break

10:45       The Politics of Language | Chair: John Dagenais (UCLA) and Iván Cabeza Fernández (Independent Scholar)

"Language Expertise and Mediterranean Experience: The Case of Don Jorge Henin, Flemish Alfaqueque and Hombre de Estado for Hire”
Claire Gilbert (Saint Louis University)

“Fernando’s Castilian: From Latin to Romance in the Thirteenth-Century Royal Chancery”
Antonio Zaldívar (California State University San Marcos)

“Anti-Aljamiado: Inverted Alphabets and Subverted Languages in the Antialcoranes”
Ryan Szpiech (University of Michigan)

12:00       Lunch Break

1:30         Culture and Politics in Iberia and Beyond | Chair: Alexandre Roberts (USC)

“Imperial Sovereignty in the Mediterranean: The Papacy, Portuguese Kings, and Morrocan Sheriffs”
Céline Dauverd (University of Colorado, Boulder)

“The Declinación of the Hidden One: Encubertismo During the Reigns of the Later Spanish Habsburgs”
Bryan Givens (Pepperdine University)

“Scholars of Fortune: Iberian Bibliopolitics Across European Late Renaissance Conflicts”
Fabien Montcher (Saint Louis University)

“Cultural Capitals: Patronage and Politics in the Crown of Aragon and the Western Mediterranean”
Núria Silleras-Fernández (University of Colorado, Boulder)

3:00        Break

3:15         Historiography and the Writing of History | Chair: Maya Maskarinec (USC)

“Bringing the Public Sphere into Play: The Spanish Case”
James Amelang (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)

“The Study of the Middle Ages in Eighteenth-Century Catalonia”
Paul Freedman (Yale University)

"History writing in Early Modern Spain: Feats, Records, Memory”
Xavier Gil (University of Barcelona)

“‘To thy own self be true’: Self-Censorship, Pedro de Valencia, and His History (Never-Written) of Chile”
Richard Kagan (Johns Hopkins University)

4:45        Break

5:00        Plenary Lecture: “The Barchester Effect: Remembering, Forgetting and the Shape of History”
                R. I. Moore (Newcastle University)

9:00 AM   Trade and Taxation | Chair: Robert Iafolla (UCLA)

“The Maritime Insurance Business in Spain in the 16th Century”
Hilario Casado Alonso (University of Valladolid)

“Mediterranean Trade in the Pyrenees: Italian Merchants in Puigcerdà 1300-1350”
Elizabeth Comuzzi (UCLA)

“The Cortes of Madrigal of 1438 and Castilian Taxation”
Denis Menjot (University of Lyons)

“From Mediterranean to the Atlantic: the Role of the Town-Ports of Northern Iberia in the First Internationalization of the European Economy in the Middle Ages”
Jesús Ángel Solórzano-Telechea (University of Cantabria)

10:30       Break

10:45       Iberia: A Land of Three Religions, Part 2 | Chairs: Abraham Udovitch (Princeton University) and Kenneth Wolf (Pomona College)

“Desecrators or True Citizens? Categorizing Ethno-Religious Interaction in the Medieval Crown of Aragon”
Thomas Barton (University of San Diego)

“Ruling Between and Across the Lines: Liminal Identities and Political Legitimacy in Al-Andalus”
Travis Bruce (McGill University)

“Beyond Nostalgia: Berber ‘Puritans’ and the End of Andalusi Convivencia?”
Brian Catlos (University of Colorado, Boulder)

“Landscapes of Salvation, Landscapes of Power: Jews, Christians, and Urban Space in Fourteenth-Century Seville”
Maya Soifer Irish (Rice University)

12:15        Lunch Break

1:30         Literature & Interchange in Iberia and the Mediterranean | Chair: Nitzaria Delgado-Garcia (UCLA)

“Between the Darkness and the Light: al-Idrisi’s Iberia”
Christine Chism (UCLA)

“Mateo Alemán’s ‘Ozmín and Daraja’ and Giovanni Boccacio’s Decameron 4.4 in the Pre- and Early Modern Mediterranean”
Sharon Kinoshita (UC Santa Cruz)

“’You Half-Crazed Visigoths!’”: Insults and Group Identity in Late Medieval and Early Modern Spain”
Sarah J. Pearce (UC Santa Cruz)

“Mediterranean Horse Cultures: Greek, Roman and Arabic Equine Texts in Late Medieval and Early Modern Andalusia”
Kathryn Renton (UCLA)

3:00        Break

3:15         Iberia Encounters the World | Chairs: Meredith Cohen (UCLA) and Sharon Gerstel (UCLA)

“Children of Adam: Iberians, the Tropics, and Encounters with Gentiles in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Atlantic”
Andrew Devereux (UC San Diego)

“Medieval Encounters between Iberia, the Mediterranean and Asia: Myths and Realities”
Francisco García-Serrano (Saint Louis University)

“Medieval Antecedents of Mediterranean Geography”
Judith Herrin (King’s College London)

“Subjective Geographies in Spanish Encounters with North Africa, 1492-1558”
Yuen-Gen Liang (Academia Sinica)

4:45        Break

5:00        Plenary Lecture: “The Medieval/Early Modern Divide Along the Franco-Spanish Border”
                Francesca Trivellato (Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton)

5:45        Concluding Remarks by the Conference Organizers:

Thomas Barton, University of San Diego
Marie Kelleher, California State University Long Beach
Antonio Zaldívar, California State University San Marcos