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Richard Hovannisian

Professor Emeritus

Contact Information

Office  7240 Bunche Hall
Phone  310-825-3375

Armenian Educational Foundation Professor of Modern Armenian History.


Ph.D. UCLA, 1966

Selected Publications

Armenia on the Road to Independence, (1967, 4 reprints)

The Republic of Armenia, Volume 1 (1971) and Volume II (1982), Vols. III & IV (1996) U.C. Press

The Armenian Holocaust, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Armenian Heritage Press (1980)

The Armenian Image in History and Literature, Undena Press (1981)

The Armenian Genocide in Perspective, Rutgers, Transaction Press (1986, 5 reprints)

The Armenian Genocide: History, Politics, Ethics, London: Macmillan and New York: St. Martin's Press (1992)

The Armenian People from Ancient to Modern Times, 2 vols. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1997

Remembrance and Denial: The Case of the Armenian Genocide. Detroit: Wayne State University Press (1998, reprint 1999)

Armenian Van/Vaspurakan (Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda Publishers, 2000)

Armanestan dar Astaneye Gharn [Armenia at the Dawn of the Century] (Tehran: Housk, 2000).

Armenian Baghesh/Bitlis and Taron/Mush (Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda Publishers, 2001)

Armenian Tsopk/Kharpert (Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda Publishers, 2002)

Looking Backward, Moving Forward: Confronting the Armenian Genocide (New Brunswick, NJ: Transaction Publishers, 2003),

Armenian Karin/Erzerum (Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda Publishers, 2003)

Armenian Sebastia/Sivas and Lesser Armenia (Costa Mesa, CA: Mazda Publishers, 2004)

Editor of following:
Islam's understanding of Itself, Atlanta: Scholars Press (1983)

Ethics in Islam, Atlanta: Scholars Press (1985)

Poetry and Mysticism in Islam: The Heritage of Rumi, Atlanta: Scholars Press (1994)

The "Thousand and One Nights" in Arabic Literature and Society, Atlanta: Scholars Press (1997)

The Persian Presence in Islam, Atlanta: Scholars Press (1998)

Enlightenment and Diaspora: The Armenian and Jewish Cases, co-editor (Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1999)


Armenian History: The Republic of Armenia and Armenian Question after World War I; the Caucasus; Armenian history placed in broader Near Eastern, European, and Russian contexts.