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Robert Brenner

Professor Emeritus

Contact Information

Office  4355G Pub Pol/7244 Bunche Hall
Phone  310-206-5675 or 310-825-4256

Director, Center for Social Theory and Comparative History

Selected Publications

“The Boom and the Bubble,” New Left Review, new series, no.6 (November-December
ReprintModels of Capitalism: Debating Strengths and Weaknessess,
ed. David Coates, 3 volumes, Edward Elgar, 2002, vol. III, chapter 7.
Italian TranslationLa Revista del Manifesto, no 14 (February 2001).
Spanish Translation: (Argentina).

“The Low Countries in the Transition to Capitalism ,” in Peasants into Farmers? The Transformation of Rural Economy and Society in the Low Countries (Middle Ages-19th century) In Light of the Brenner Debate, edited by Jan Luiten van Zanden and Peter Hoppenbrouwers, Brussels: Brepols, 2001. (Book is based on the papers presented at conference on that topic, organized by the N.W. Posthumus Graduate School for Economic and Social History in the Netherlands, June 1994).
Reprint: Journal of Agrarian Change, I, 2 (2001)

“The World Economy at the Turn of the Millennium: Toward Boom or Crisis?” Review of International Political Economy, VIII:1 (Spring 2001).

The Boom and the Bubble. The US in the World Economy. London: Verso Press, 2002. Korean translation:
Ahchimyisul: Seoul, 2002.
Portuguese translation: Record: Sao Paulo, 2003.
German translation: Hamburg: VSA-Verlag, 2002.
Spanish: Akal: Madrid, 2002
Chinese translation: Beijing: Renmin University Press, 2003.
Japanese: Tokyo: Kobushi Shobo, forthcoming.
Turkish: Istanbul: Iletisim Yayinlari, forthcoming.

“The Divergence of England from China’s Yangzi Delta: Property Relations, Microeconomics, and Patterns of Development, 1500-1850” (co-authored with Chris Isett), Journal of Asian Studies, LI, 2 (May 2002).
Chinese Translation: Zhongguo xiangcun yanjiu, no. 2 (2003), pp.217-282.

“The World Economy at the End of the Boom: A Diagnosis,” presented at conference on “Contemporary World Capitalism,“ co-sponsored by the China Academy of Social Sciences and the Renmin University of China, April 2002. Published in: Review of Political Economy 
(Shanghai) (in Chinese) (2003),no.1.
German TranslationDas Argument , no. 247 (2002)
French TranslationInprecor, no.472-473, July-August 2002.
Spanish Translation 
Greek Translation. “Competition and Profitability: A Reply to Ajit Zacharias,” Review of Radical Political Economics , 34:1 (Winter 2002).

“The Trajectory of the Manufacturing Rate of Profit: A Reply to Dumenil and Levy,” Review of Radical Political Economics , 34:1 (Winter 2002).

“Toward the Precipice,” London Review of Books (6 February 2003).
German TranslationLettre International (June 2003)
French TranslationLe Debat, no. 126 (September-October 2003) ReprintProblèmes économiques, Paris: Direction de la Documentation française (French government), forthcoming

“New Boom or New Bubble?” New Left Review, second series, no. 25 (January-February 2004).

“Um Novo Imperialismo?” in Globalizacao: Dimensoes e Alternativas, ed. Theotonio dos Santos, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro: Edicoes Loyola, 2004. ; The Economics of Global Turbulence, London: Verso Press, forthcoming 2005.

“After Boom, Bubble, and Bust: Where is the US Economy Going?” in Worlds of Capitalism: Institutions, Economic Performance, and Governance in the Era of Globalization, ed. Max Miller, London: Routledge, forthcoming 2005.

“The Capitalist Economy, 1945-2000,” in Varieties of Capitalism, Varieties of Approaches, ed. David Coates, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2005.


Early Modern European History; economic, social and religious history, agrarian history, social theory/Marxism, Tudor-Stuart England