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Marjan Wardaki

Contact Information

Email    mwardaki@ucla.edu
Office  Bunche Hall 2207

Marjan is currently a Doctoral Candidate in the Department of History at UCLA.

Her primary field of research is the social and intellectual history of early twentieth-century Middle East, South Asia, and Europe, with a particular focus on the production of ideas among Asian students at European educational centers.

My dissertation analyzes the role of mobile knowledge-seekers in the process of producing and exchanging ideas about art, ethnography, and science. The main goal of my dissertation is to address, using case studies, how ideas emerged, which practices were involved in producing these ideas, and how these ideas circulated and impacted the cultural and intellectual fabric of new places.

In her research she works with state archival materials, as well as diasporic newspapers, travelogues, and university records, which she has obtained from archives in Afghanistan, England, France, Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Subfield: Europe, Middle East, South Asia, Intellectual History, Global and Microhistory

Fields of Study

South Asia and Europe


My research focuses on Asian and Middle Eastern students and academic, who studied at German technical universities. I examine their knowledge production at these educational centers, and trace their lives and scholarship back to Asia. My research employs a mobile heuristic tool that blends global- and microhistory.

Grants and Awards

2017      CERS Summer Dissertation Research Fellowship

2017      John F. Richards Research Fellowship   

2016      Weber Chair Research Award

2015      International Institute Fieldwork Fellowship

2015      Graduate Summer Research Mentorship

2014      Benjamin Nicholl Research Grant

2012     UCLA History Department 5-Year Fellowship



Nile Green (Co-Chair)

David Sabean (Co-Chair)

Sanjay Subrahmanyam

Ann E. Goldberg


C.Phil. in History, UCLA, 2016

M.A. in Middle Eastern History, UC Irvine, 2008

B.A. in History and Ancient Civilizations, UC Irvine, 2006