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Tatiana Sulovska

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Email    sulovska at yahoo.co.uk
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PhD Candidate, History, Japan Field

Tatiana is a PhD Candidate with the UCLA Department of History, Japan Field, currently in her fourth year of study. Tatiana's dissertation project, "Art as Guerilla Warfare: Cultural Production Surrounding the Japanese Red Army as Conceptualization of Political Violence" examines film, literature, and cultural criticism as frames for rethinking the concepts of state and political violence in the late nineteen sixties and seventies Japan. 

Field of Study



Twentieth Century Japan

Twentieth Century Japanese Literature and Film

Modern Southeast Asian History - Southeast Asia under WWII Japanese Occupation 


postwar Japanese avant-garde art, literature, and filmmaking, with current focus on pink film by Adachi Masao and Wakamatsu Kōji, as well as works by Ōshima Nagisa and Terayama Shūji; (experimental) critical theory; state violence and political violence by non-state actors and their theorizations in the decolonization era; dissent; radical direct action; Japanese Red Army; postwar cultural criticism; global revolutionary imaginary


University of California, Los Angeles; PhD Program Student, Department of History, Japan Field, September 2017 – present

C. Phil. History, UCLA, 2020

M.A. History, UCLA, 2020

M.A. East Asian Studies, UCLA, 2017

J.D., International Law Honors Concentration, Hosftra Law, NY, 2015

Magister, International Relations and Diplomacy, Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, Matej Bel University, Slovakia


University of Ljublana, Faculty of Arts; Summer School in Philosophy with the Ljubljana Lacanian School: Slavoj Žižek, Alenka Zupančič, and Mladen Dolar; August 2019

Inter-University Center for Japanese Language Studies, Yokohama, Japan; 10-month Intensive Japanese Language Study Program, September 2018 – June 2019 & Summer Program, Japanese Language Study, June – August 2017

School of Japanese at Middlebury College, Vermont; Summer Immersion Language Program in Japanese, June – August 2018

UCLA Urban Humanities Initiative, Tokyo & Los Angeles; Graduate Certificate in Urban Humanities, August 2016 – June 2017

East China University of Political Science and Law, Shanghai, China; Exchange Student, Law, Fall 2014

Cuba Field Study Program, Hofstra Law, Havana; Comparative Family Law, April 2014

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy; Introduction to International Commercial Dispute Resolution & Alternative Dispute Resolution in Information Society, May – June 2014